• Hands in Factory / Seoul
    Hands In Factory is a team made up of UpteMPo, RocKOON and Jonghun Ha. They design characters and toys based on street and urban cultural feelings. They have created and produced their representative works ‘RUNNING HORNS’ and 'HAZARD', which are their original series. From designing and producing prototypes to completing, they have been working in various fields in illustration, graphics and product production concentrating on art toy.
  • 3DPlace / Hwaseong
    3DPlace 가 자체제작하는 특별한 메탈 피규어
  • 정령재 / 서울
    기술과 공예를 아우르는 정령재 작가
  • 하종훈 / 서울
    핸즈인팩토리 소속의 아트토이 작가
  • Buwon / Seoul
    익살스러운 토끼를 모티프로 다양한 작품을 선보이는 BUWON (부원) 작가